Tuesday, June 06, 2006

EOIR Might Have Suspended Criticized IJ

According to a Philadelphia Inquirer article published on June 2, 2006, Immigration Judge Donald V. Ferlise has taken an unexplained two-week absence (or, the article states, perhaps the leave of absence will continue indefinitely for now). The reporter's follow-up investigation suggests that perhaps Judge Ferlise is being investigated based on complaints about his performance as an immigration judge.

Feeding this speculation are repeatedly critical decisions by the Third Circuit while reviewing appeals of Judge Ferlise's decisions. In two extremely critical decisions in May 2006, the Third Circuit named Judge Ferlise and questioned what EOIR would do if an immigration judge repeatedly had cases of improper conduct against asylum-seekers.

According to the article, someone speaking on behalf of Judge Ferlise declined comment, so it is unclear whether the newspaper author's article is completely accurate and, of course, it might not convey Judge Ferlise's perspective on what's happening.


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