Sunday, October 19, 2008

Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Raping Immigration Detainee While An ICE Agent

In April 2008, a man pled guilty to raping a Jamaican woman while he worked as an ICE agent and was responsible for moving the woman between detention centers.  According to news reports, Wilfredo Vazquez, 35, sexually assaulted a 39-year-old Jamaican mother of two in his home.  ICE fired Mr. Vazquez from his job.

There are many questions about whether ICE violates Fourth Amendment rights in a widespread manner when it conducts raids.  This news story raises more questions about whether ICE has a reliable system to safeguard people's rights -- including detainees in ICE custody.  Everyone would agree that detainees have a right to be free from sexual assaults from ICE agents.


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