Monday, September 01, 2008

ICE Raid Violated ICE Policy By Entering Campus Housing

Leslie Berestein reported on May 23, 2008 in Agency Cites Mistake in Raid at UCSD Complex in the San Diego Union-Tribune that ICE agents made a mistake in May when they entered UCSD student housing to search the apartment of someone living there without first contacting campus police.

ICE has a policy of alerting campus police before entering university housing or off-campus university housing. They went to the housing of Jorge Narvaez, who pointed out that the ICE should have known they were in student housing -- there are signs in the front that show it is university housing.

An example of ICE agents going to people's houses and violating rules or policies. Is it time to punish illegal raids and searches by suppressing evidence in immigration court? Or to terminate cases where ICE agents violate the law, rules, or policies?


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